We've been walking all over your books for hundreds of years!

We’ve been walking on your books for hundreds of years!

I’ve been asked about the photo of the book I’m sitting on. The book is in the State Archives of Dubrovnik, and I first saw the photo in a twitter message from @EmirOFilipovic (a medievalist on the faculty of the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia) to @erik_kwakkel (a medieval book historian at Leiden University in the Netherlands). My staff1 has been following Kwakkel for quite a while, now, because he posts lots of photos of old, old books, with clever comments. I sent a message to Mr. Filipovic asking permission to use his photo, but he hasn’t replied. I hope he doesn’t mind!

Update: Mr. Filipovic’s blog post about this photograph has additional information about the book and about the State Archives of Dubrovnik.

Update: Mr Filipovic has given permission to use the photo. Thank you, sir!