Image: Practicing uppercase

Midnight with manuscriptStaff1 said that if I learned to use uppercase letters, I could have my own blog. So…I’m practicing. I don’t like it; typing makes my dewclaws hurt. But, here it is: my very own blog! (Maxwell and Cavendish don’t have <sniff>. I’m special!)


5 thoughts on “Image: Practicing uppercase

  1. Allie: Well of COURSE you are. *sigh* while I’M forced to share with the Riff Raff (aka Maxwell & Faraday)

    • Work on your staff, Allie. You really shouldn’t have to share with brats. You know the routine to get what you want: pout a little, purr a lot, snuggle, then—when staff’s resistance is low—POUNCE! (Maxwells are awful nuisances, aren’t they?)

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